Two musicians stumble upon a broken demo tape of futuristic songs by an unknown artist from the past. They listen to four songs before the tape is destroyed, and attempt to recreate the songs themselves in order to preserve the unknown artist's legacy.

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Who is Arthur Hamidi?

About 2 years ago I was on my way to San Francisco on I-80 when I found a broken cassette at a gas station near SLC. It had spooled out all over the place and was in bad shape, and the only thing it said on it was "6/12/76 demos" scrawled on one side and "arthur hamidi 82601 fr zo" on the other side. I was intrigued so when I got to San Francisco Dan helped me spool back the tape back into its original casing. We managed to get the thing working and got through about four tracks before his tape player ate the damn thing completely. Those four tracks that we did get to hear were...incredible. Forward thinking and fresh sounding, but gritty all the same. We tried looking up Arthur Hamidi but couldn't find any information about him. Dan and I immediately went to work trying to recreate those four tracks as best we could by ear, before we let the memory of the songs and sounds fade away.

What you hear now is our interpretation of those four songs we heard that day. While we used modern equipment to recreate these sounds, we're guessing the real Arthur Hamidi probably did it with tape loops and analog synths. Maybe he didn't think anybody would want to hear his music or maybe he just disappeared, but if anybody has any information about Arthur Hamidi please contact us. Family, friends, fans, anybody...thanks.

And if you are out there Arthur Hamidi, we'll hold your name for you until you get back.

Until then.
Zirafa & Spinnerty